Saturday, 20 November 2010

Zombies and not-zombies!

Right, so I haven't updated since August. I will post the picture of the pirate shop soon, but my camera is upstairs in my room and so next time I upload pictures to the computer I'll make sure to get the pirate shop. Since August:
HS = AWESOME! Best one yet.
Applying for foundation art: Arrgh!
Creating a portfolio: Arrgh!
Interview at Epsom for foundation art: went pretty damn well (I hope - I get the results in a couple of weeks' time).
Seeing BTTF at the cinema: AWESOME!
I've also gotten more and more excited for Tron: Legacy the closer it gets to the 17th of December.
Saw Harry Potter today, not because I wanted to (I actually didn't) but because it's sort of an OCD thing - I've seen the rest so I had to see this one. Like the others, not brilliant but it kept me entertained (there was a Tron: Legacy trailer at the beginning! Yay!).

Anyway, recently I have been watching the new Walking Dead TV show and I have to say that it's really good. I don't actually watch that much TV, so I can't be all "it's the best TV show I've seen in a long while", plus that would be a lie as I have recently watched Firefly (but I still have about 15 minutes of the last episode to watch (grr Megavideo...)) but that's what I would like to say.

I've also recently started playing on RE4 a lot. I decided to give it a go the other day (the first time I played (a year or two ago) I completely failed as I ran out of ammo and didn't look round for more) and actually managed to get somewhere, and found lots of ammo. I also did a rather cool thing the other day (it's probably not that awesome, but it made me happy) - a ganado lurched at me and was just about to grab me when I blew his head off - I was all "yeahhhh!".

Saturday, 14 August 2010

In St. Tropez...


I will post a picture when I get round to uploading my photos. Which will be in over a week's time, since I'm going up to York for more crazy Quakerness tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's odd...

having all this freedom and not having to revise. I can read! I can draw! It's fantastic, it really is. I did a drawing in ink today; there's just something so fun about dip pens and ink. Probably due to the fact if you make a mistake you can't change it (unless you sketch it out in pencil first, which I did do) and it's really quick unlike painting with acrylic paint.

Doctor Who's been good; last week's episode was different and I really liked it, but I cannot find my Amy Pond love. I just don't like her. Gah.

You know how I said in a previous post that I needed to get into Marvel sometime? Mission accomplished. I have now watched Spiderman and Spiderman 2.

(This is rather random, but in exams they say you're not allowed iPods or MP3 players. I'm sorry, I thought iPods WERE MP3 players. What makes them so special that they get their own category? They weren't the first MP3 players nor are they the best./rant)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

A very quick blog

Ok, so this is a little late (by over a week) but ASHES TO ASHES IS OVER NOOOOOO GENE HUNT AND CO. ARE NEVER COMING BACK TO GRACE OUR TV SCREENS AGAIN. Yeah, so now that I've got that out I'm a little happier. The finale though was amazing. I thought the ending was cool and that they wrapped it up nicely. and the Galex fans got what they wished for (I don't ship characters so...).

and tonight's Doctor Who episode was quite emotional, but Bill Nighy's in next week's episode so I'm looking forward to that (I did a double take when I saw him in the trailer).

I've also been watching the original series of The Prisoner (instead of Firefly - sorry Livvi) and it's so trippy and brilliant and the village is so happy yet sinister. I've seen six episodes so far which is more than any other television show I've watched online. I fail at watching things online.

Also I watched the Eurovision song contest tonight - our entry was awful. I wonder who'll win. I'm not staying up for the voting though.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Pacman Google.

Today if you visit Google you will notice that it has a Pacman themed logo. Not only that, you can actually PLAY it. Unfortunately I've never been that great at Pacman, so having the bits to collect in the "G" and "e" make it harder.

Also, it's the final ever episode of Ashes to Ashes tonight. I finally get to know what the hell is going on! Well, I still have another two hours to wait. Arghhh. I will however miss Gene Hunt & co. I've been told I should watch the pilot episode of the US Life on Mars as it's in the "so bad it's good" territory. The first episode of the actual US LOM was "so bad it's horrible" (why yes I have been spending my time on TV Tropes. Excellent form of procrastination), so I will not be continuing to watch the rest of that. There's also a Spanish LOM and a Russian one in the works. We just need a Japanese anime version and a stop motion version to complete the set.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

3 down, quite a few more to go.

Today I did my general studies exam. I'm not entirely sure how well I think I did in it. The same is true for the critical thinking paper I did yesterday. The art exam however went well I feel.

Anyway I went to the library today to give back V for Vendetta and Watchmen and went to see if they had The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as I would like to read that next. Neither of the libraries had it. However the second library I went to had this big book of Marvel Horror which I want to get out after exams, just to get into Marvel as all the graphic novels I have read so far and all the movie adaptations of comic book characters (apart from Hellboy (which I saw a couple of weekends ago. I really want to see Hellboy 2 now. Guillermo del Toro is just amazing)) have been DC and I feel I really need to balance this out. I also saw a load of sci-fi novels I want to get out (mainly Philip K. Dick and H. G. Wells) but didn't due to exams (I've made myself a rule that I can only read graphic novels or non-serious novels during exams. I'm not entirely sure why.) - I've just realised I haven't read a sci-fi novel in absolutely ages. Most of my reading in the past year has consisted of Discworld novels (and yes, I did get another one out the library today as I haven't read one in a few months. I got Hogfather out as it's one of the most famous and yet I've not read it) and I've just been too distracted to get some other, non-Discworld novels out. Hope those brackets haven't confused you.

Also, I'm sure you've all heard the very sad news that Ronnie James Dio passed away on Sunday. He was such an amazing vocalist and it's such a shame he's gone.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Birthday party!

I had some friends round my house today for my birthday party and we ate pizza, cake and brownie. I recieved the Star Wars Original Trilogy, a Serenity graphic novel and the third (signed! to me!) Sandman volume (Dream Country). They're now all in my room and my room feels a whole lot nerdier (I wish my mum would let me stick up posters in my room. She hates blu-tack on the walls. I'm not even sure what I would have a poster of. I just want a poster). Doesn't help that my friends and I were discussing nerdy stuff and then after they left I watched the new Doctor Who episode (I can't wait for next week) so I am in a rather nerdy mood at the moment. I am also looking forward to Frankie's fanfiction on Percy Weasley where he dresses in leather and quotes muggle movies.

I've also decided I should probably start using Twitter properly (at the moment most (pretty much all) of the people I follow I know in real life and I tweet about once a month). Although I know this will probably never happen.

Also - we're already halfway through series three of Ashes to Ashes! How could it go by so quick? It's so good.